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On April 25, North Korean authorities reportedly publicly executed a citizen for the crime of illegally selling USB drives and CDs containing South Korean films, dramas and music videos.

According to Daily NK, which reports on North Korean affairs from the south of the peninsula with the help of a network of informants, a firing squad killed the man, nicknamed Lee, in front of a crowd of 500 people.

These witnesses included city officials and their families, university students and teachers.

Lee’s immediate family were reportedly forced to stand in the front row to watch.

Worked as chief engineer

the Daily NK reported that Lee had worked as a chief engineer at the Wonsan Agricultural Management Commission.

He was arrested by the daughter of his neighborhood watch unit leader, while he was secretly selling the devices showing South Korean media.

She then reported him to the authorities, who arrested Lee soon after.

A source said Daily NK that after the execution, Lee’s wife, son and daughter had collapsed where they were standing.

They were then recovered and transported by agents of the State Security Ministry to a political prison camp.

Executed under the Anti-reactionary Thought Act

Lee is the first to be executed in the province, under the new anti-reactionary thinking law implemented late last year.

The law criminalizes the consumption and distribution of outside information, including foreign news, radio broadcasts, and South Korean music and entertainment.

According to Daily NK, the Department of State Security is also looking for those who purchased Lee’s videos.

A source said: “Today, if you are caught watching a South Korean video, you could face life or death in prison, so no one knows who will be executed next.”

It is also a crime if a North Korean knows about the sale but has not reported it.

A seven-year sentence can be imposed for failing to report someone who has watched or distributed South Korean media, the source added.

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