Not Even Newsmax Buys Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Assault’ Story, Says ‘It Doesn’t Look That Bad’

Rudy Giuliani can’t even convince Newsmax’s MAGA sycophants to fully buy into the overblown story that he was brutally assaulted in a Staten Island supermarket.

The former New York mayor recently tripled his initial statement that he was on the verge of death when 38-year-old ShopRite employee Daniel Gill patted him on the back at a campaign event on Last weekend. Insisting that it was like “a rock hit me”, Giuliani said he felt “enormous pain” as he compared the pat on the back to a gunshot.

After security video footage showed Giuliani barely moving after Gill touched him, the original felony second-degree assault charge involving a person over 65 was downgraded to misdemeanor assault . Giuliani, however, was upset that Gill had been released without bail, fearing the supermarket worker was going on a spree of assault on the elderly. “I’m worried about this little punk for you, because if he can come and hit me, a 78-year-old man, the next thing he’s going to do is hit you,” he said. during a livestream on Monday.

Appearing on Newsmax Greg Kelly Reports Monday night, Giuliani continued to peddle his version of events surrounding the so-called assault. And while cartoonishly pro-Trump host Greg Kelly was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, he wasn’t entirely convinced by the former Trump attorney’s spin.

After Giuliani noted that he was at a “large gathering” on Staten Island near where he was “attacked”, Kelly recorded footage of the incident so he “could show people what what happened” while offering his own personal take.

“That person with the hand on their back, I have to be honest, it doesn’t look that bad,” Kelly said. “But I understand that appearances can be deceiving.”

Telling Kelly they were actually looking at the woman who rubbed her back shortly after the near-fatal backslap, Giuliani then said the woman told police that “the guy hit me so hard I she herself almost fell under the reverberation”. Throughout the ex-mayor’s explanation, Kelly seemed to hold back a laugh. Still, the Newsmax star was finally ready to accept that he may have been wrong to wonder if Giuliani was actually in grave danger.

“Okay, fine. Well, that makes sense! I’m sorry you were bullied. The campaign trail is crazy,” Kelly said.

The Newsmax host then quickly returned to the campaign of Giuliani’s son, Andrew, who is running for governor of New York as a Republican.

“Andrew Giuliani used to work here and I got to know him and I like him a lot, as you know. He’s a great guy and I think he can be a fantastic governor,” Kelly concluded on a note. joyful.

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