“One night at NAPA” – 2021 President’s Ball of the Woodland Chamber of Commerce


THE WOODLANDS, TX – On the evening of August 21, the Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated 2020-2021 President Linda Nelson of Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center and 2019-20 President Jeff Garrett of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP. It was also an opportunity to celebrate and pass the hammer on to new incoming President Julie Ambler. This ball is the 43rd annual chamber event. Since 1978, the chamber has celebrated the past year’s work of the outgoing president by hosting what many would call one of The Woodlands most unique and amazing chamber events. It is eagerly awaited every year and for good reason. The evening was even more special with the addition of honoring Jeff Garret. Due to the terrible effects of Covid last year, the chamber was unable to host an outgoing celebration for President Jeff Garrett. For this reason, Jeff was recognized and honored at this year’s event with Linda Nelson. When House Speaker JJ Hollie recognized Jeff Garrett, JJ gave Jeff a unique Hawaiian Lei. Some in the audience wondered why he was given a lei. Apparently last year, before the Chairman’s Ball event was canceled, Jeff’s event theme was going to be called “A Night in the Islands” with a Hawaiian theme. JJ was giving Jeff a little keepsake and a gesture to remember his room service and how precious he was and continues to be to The Woodlands community. Also in attendance was US Congressman Kevin Brady and not only did he deliver an excellent speech in honor of the two presidents, but Kevin also presented Jeff and Linda with a commendation from the US House of Representatives for their work as President of the Woodland Chamber. Trade.

CEO and President of the Woodlands Region Chamber of Commerce, JJ Hollie said “We are delighted to host this year’s President’s Ball and to celebrate the successes of the past year as well as the years of Jeff Garrett and Linda Nelson as Chairman of the Board. Our business community has faced the tremendous challenges of the past 18 months head-on, and not only has persevered, but we have seen so many new businesses open up and thrive. We look forward to making our contribution to help the local economy continue to prosper over the coming year.

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A night to remember

The annual President’s Ball revolves around a different theme each year. The theme for 2021 was called “A Night at NAPA” and was inspired by the NAPA Valley wine region. In addition to cocktails, guests were treated to a wine tasting to start the evening. The outfit was formal in black and white and the suits and dresses were amazing. The atmosphere was elegant and the decorations were spectacular. Various businesses in and around The Woodlands helped make this evening one to remember. Piney Rose Flower & Decor was one such company and provided the floral arrangements for the tables and other guest spaces. The chamber asked local artists to paint a canvas for Linda and Jeff. They started early in the evening and ended towards the end of the event. Guests had the opportunity to watch these talented artists create their masterpieces. For the music, the chamber brought in a local band to entertain the guests before the program and after the presentation, which also included dancing at the end of the program.

Previous themes for this event included a circus theme called “Under the Big Top,” an event called “Celebrating the Heart of Our Community” and even a year with a Star Wars theme. The themes are always interesting, unique and fun. The decorations were beautiful and the themed outfits of the guests add greatly to the festivities. “A Night In NAPA” was an exceptional evening of live music, great food, wine tasting and fun!

About Linda Nelson

We asked Linda Nelson about her experience as president. She said “I have had the honor and privilege of serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Woodlands Region Chamber of Commerce throughout the past year. These times have certainly been unprecedented and difficult for our business community, but the resilience, creativity and flexibility they have shown are both remarkable and inspiring. It has been a very appropriate time to serve as President as I have been able to witness a community at its best as relationships have developed to meet the needs of others. “

Linda has been instrumental in the growth of the Woodlands Chamber of Commerce. Over the years, she has served in the following chamber roles:

* Woodland Chamber of Commerce
* President of the council
* Transport Education Council; Team leader (2017-2018)
* Council for the defense of corporate interests; Team leader (2018-2019)
* Government Affairs (2012-2014; 2018-2019)

Eager to remain active in the community in which she lives and works, Linda is active in the following organizations:

* Montgomery County (LMC)

* LMC (Former Chairman of the Board of Directors)
* Current member of the board of directors
* President Alumni (2008 to today)
* Leadership Montgomery Co. Class of ’99

* Grand Conroe / Lake Conroe Region Chamber of Commerce

* Government Affairs Committee
* Former board of directors

* Montgomery County Republican Committee
* President of the precinct and electoral judge (2006-2016)

* Conroe Independent School District
* Facilities Planning Committee (2019)
* Site committee (2008-2018)

* Awards
* The hero of the hometown of the woods
* Woodlands Area Citizen of the Year
* IRONMAN Team Captain of the Year
* Montgomery County Women’s Council on Women of Distinction organizations
* Montgomery County Distinguished Alumnus Leadership Award
* The President’s Award for the Woodlands Area Chamber
* The 2019 Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce Pioneer

Linda was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to the Houston area in 1980. She has been married to her husband, Gordon, for 40 years. They have three children and three grandchildren living in Houston and Austin. As well as spending time with the family, you may find Linda playing racquetball or on the golf course.

About Jeff Garrett

Jeff Garrett has been an important part of the Chamber and its growth. We asked Jeff about his tenure as president as well as his roles in the chamber as well as his career and professional background. He said “I have been on the Board of Directors of the Chamber for about 11 years. I was previously vice-chair and co-chair of the economic outlook conference committee. I was very honored to hold the position of President for the year 2019-2020. It was in the midst of a pandemic and we faced many challenges. Most of our income events have been canceled. Many of our members have experienced serious hardship. However, through it all, the House staff fared in a huge way. It was a “can do” spirit that I will always remember.

I’m the Assistant General Counsel – Intellectual Property for Chevron Phillips Chemical. I have been in the business for 19 years. I received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering from Texas A&M and my law degree from South Texas College of Law. I am a member of the State Bar of Texas, a patent attorney in the United States, and a Chartered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. Debra and I have two children who have graduated from Baylor and Texas A&M and have now started their careers. I am an outdoor enthusiast and love to travel.

About New President Julie Ambler

Julie Ambler is the new president of the Woodland Chamber of Commerce. She is the principal of the school at Woodlands Christian Academy. His experience also includes the following:

President of the council
Summit Ministries

Vice Chairman of the Board
The Woodland Chamber of Commerce

Executive Committee
Council on Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA)

Member of the board of directors, former chairman of the board

Member, former member of the board of directors
The Rotary Club of the Woods
Partnership for the economic development of the wooded region

About the Woodland Chamber of Commerce

* Our mission
The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce serves as a gateway to opportunities for the Greater Houston business community. We work to improve the region’s economy by championing the business community, creating marketing and networking opportunities, serving as a professional and community resource, and supporting local non-profit organizations.

* The largest commercial organization in Greater Houston
The Chamber is made up of thousands of business and civic leaders who have come together to promote jobs, economic growth and strong communities. As the largest trade association in Greater Houston, we represent more than 1,500 area employers at the local, regional, regional and national levels.

* Chamber events connect you to success
With over 100 events each year, the Chamber is The Woodlands area’s most dynamic business association. Educational programs provide crucial business updates on topics such as technology, marketing, and commerce. Prestigious business networking events help businesses make the connections that matter. Find out what’s going on in the House at woodlandschamber.org/calendar.

* Make your mark in the business landscape
Become a thought leader and engage with Chamber members only teams. These working groups are shaping the future of The Woodlands area’s business. They are the perfect place to share your expertise, educate you on key business issues, collaborate with your peers, and lead the growth of your industry. Find out about Chamber teams at woodlandschamber.org/teams.

* Make your voice heard on the legislation that affects your business
The Chamber defends the interests of the business community at all levels of government and acts on legislation and policies that may impact your ability to run your business profitably. Members of the Chamber Business Advocacy Council are regularly invited to comment on policies. Email Margo at [email protected] to learn more about our political agenda.

* Be connected! For more information and membership information call 281-367-5777, email [email protected] or drop by our office at 9320 Lakeside Blvd., Suite 200 at The Woodlands, Texas.

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