Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has the UK’s best-selling NFL shirt

The NFL is expanding internationally. This season the NFL will play the most international games ever. Games in Mexico, Germany and the United Kingdom will all be played in 2022. The popularity of the NFL is particularly growing in the UK. NFL UK has announced the best-selling jerseys in the country. This Packers player has the best-selling jersey in the UK.

Aaron Rodgers Is the best seller in the UK

Whereas AJ Dillon rules the state of Wisconsin , Aaron Rodgers leads the UK. Rodgers beat people like Tom Brady, Josh Allen and Russell Wilson for the UK’s best-selling jersey, The Packers has always been a brand that travels well across the country and now looks globally. Rodgers’ signature plays and the success of the Packers made him a fan favorite. It looks like when the Packers cross the pond to face the Giants, there will be plenty of Rodgers jerseys in the crowd. Packers with a best-selling shirt in the UK will help with the trip to London.

Home-court advantage away from home?

The Packers game in London is listed as a home game and it might look like one. With the popularity of the Packers and Rodgers, it looks like Packers fans will be filling the house on October 9th. It should be noted that the Giants did feature a few players in the top 10 best-selling jerseys. Rookie Kayvon Thibodeaux and running back Saquon Barkley came in at #8 and #9, respectively. While that may tip some of the crowd towards the Giants, Packers fans always travel well and the London game should be no different.

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