Peters’ Out of the Box: No Chance of Discrimination

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No room for discrimination – we take all forms of discrimination personally! According to the statement, Peters launched an anti-discrimination campaign as a joint initiative of the works council and management.

With the “Out of the Box” logo, the Peters Campine team wants to make it clear that aspects such as ethnicity, gender and age, sexual orientation, religion and ideology, disability and chronic diseases make no difference. “That’s why we ourselves act thoughtfully, avoiding any possible start by being careful and taking bold steps,” says Eva Hermanns, who together with Markus Tzschoch represents the works council in the working group. anti discrimination. To highlight this initiative, Peters has appointed staff contact persons.

“We all agree: through this campaign, we want to show our employees that we fight all forms of discrimination and follow a zero tolerance limit”, explains Britta Alfes, member of the management team. This attitude is the basis of a proactive approach to the issue of combating discrimination. In the coming weeks and months, poster campaigns and social media posts will draw attention to issues of racism, disadvantage and discrimination.

Through this corporate campaign, the task force not only calls on staff to be more attentive to their own words and actions in the workplace and beyond, but also to react more carefully to the behavior of others. “Discrimination affects us all and should not be tolerated”, says Markus Tzschoch. To launch the campaign, the working group handed Peters employees a brochure on the General Equal Treatment Act, published by the Antidiskriminierungsbüro eV (registered association against discrimination). The group fully identifies with the content of this brochure.

CEO Ralf Schwartz, also a member of the task force, stresses the great internal importance of the initiative: “Our corporate culture at Peters dictates that discrimination be nipped in the bud, thereby ensuring that all employees feel comfortable with us in respectful and grateful relationships with each other where they can count on our full support”.

As Peters understands, the subject “Out of the Box” also includes solidarity with Ukrainian war refugees, which is documented, among other things, by a blue and yellow ribbon prepared by the staff. “Escaped from madness – welcomed by us!” is written on a second poster that was printed and distributed at the start of the anti-discrimination campaign. “We strongly condemn the inhuman and senseless war of aggression waged by a totalitarian regime and reject discrimination against the population,” says Markus Tzschoch. “However, people of Russian origin working peacefully at Peters in the Campine should not be discriminated against either,” adds Ralf Schwartz.


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