Popular car-buying site agrees to reimburse Peoria man and take vehicle back

PEORIA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – Steve Smith can sit in his car and listen to music. Or it can speed up the engine. But unfortunately, Smith is unable to drive the car he recently purchased legally. “Yeah, vroom vroom!” Smith joked as he revved the engine. “I just can’t go anywhere.”

Smith purchased the 2019 Toyota from a car-buying website called Vroom. You’ve probably seen their ads. He bought his vehicle from car shopping website Vroom in October last year. But six months later, he’s still stuck with expired paper plates in the back of the car.

“Why does your car have paper plates? asked Gary Harper of 3 On Your Side. “I don’t know,” he replied. “I just waited. I never received anything from them (Vroom). I was waiting for the papers from them showing the sale of the car.

According to Smith, Vroom never sent him documentation to register his car with the Arizona MVD. And since he can’t register the car, he can’t get insurance either. So his Toyota sits in front of his house, unable to drive legally. “Man, I’m confused, I’m lost, I’m scared. I’m stressed, man. I’m so stressed,” he said.

To make matters worse, Smith made all the monthly payments on a car he can’t legally drive. Smith says when he contacts Vroom, they don’t even know he has the car.

“The first thing the guy said was, ‘You got that car? “”Smith recalled the Vroom rep saying. “Like you weren’t supposed to have it?” Harper asked. “Yeah, that’s right, exactly,” Smith said. He said, ‘Well, we thought that car was in the field. I said I made payments on this car. Who did I make payments to? Now I worry about my money.

So 3 On Your Side got involved. Given the circumstances, we asked if Vroom would consider repossessing the Toyota, returning Smith’s deposit, and reimbursing him for any car payments he made – and they did. A Vroom spokesperson emailed me saying, “We regret that any customer does not have the positive experience that Vroom strives to provide.”

The email states that the vehicle can be returned and that a refund of its deposit and any car payments made will resolve the issue.

Smith says that’s great news because making payments on a car he can’t drive isn’t okay. “It’s just sad. I have never experienced this before. I’ve bought cars all my life and never has anything like this happened.

Vroom was very responsive to 3 On Your Side, and the quick resolution is appreciated. When the car is picked up and Smith receives his reimbursement check, 3 On Your Side will let you know in a follow-up report.

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