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KOCHI: Following the High Court’s question about the alleged international links behind Monson Mavunkal’s financial fraud, the criminal branch’s special investigation team began to focus on these. SIT will examine outfits and expatriates’ links with the self-proclaimed antique dealer.

According to sources close to the investigation, Monson’s social media accounts and phone call records (CDRs) will be carefully examined for traces of his financial transactions, which still remain a mystery.

Meanwhile, the investigative team discovered that Monson was operating under the guise of the Kalinga Kalyan Foundation, which was found to work only on paper. Monson had claimed he was its president.

People associated with the foundation will be summoned for questioning, sources said. The majority of the directors and promoters of the foundation are Keralites living in Bangalore. “It is learned that Monson had defrauded about 2 crore rupees from one of the directors and spent thousands of rupees on the lodging of an expatriate woman, who would have served as a link between him and the best police officers,” said one. officer aware of the investigation.

The High Court on Tuesday asked for a detailed report of the case, after which the criminal branch decided to investigate thoroughly. “All angles will be examined,” said Crime Branch IG G Sparjan Kumar, who heads the investigation team. A meeting of SIT members was held at the Kochi Criminal Branch office on Wednesday. S Sreejith, ADGP Crime Branch, who is overseeing the investigation, attended the online meeting

Call for a court-watched investigation into the authenticity of a copper plate
Kochi: A court-watched investigation should be ordered to verify the origin and authenticity of the copper-plate inscription on Sabarimala in Monson’s possession, demanded activist and leader of Sree Ayyappa Dharma Sena Rahul Easwar .

Alleging that the copper plate was used to divide worshipers on communal lines during the peak of the Sabarimala protests in 2018, Rahul said the inscription – believed to be over three centuries old – was used to establish that the temple of the hill adheres to Dravidian rituals. He said the Cheerappanchira family, with whom Lord Ayyappan had trained in martial arts, was closely linked to Sabarimala. The family’s attempts to humiliate them are unfortunate, he added.

Cyber ​​police expert included in the special investigation team
Kochi: The Crime Branch has expanded the Special Investigation Team investigating the cases against Monson to include 10 agents. Kochi Town Police Station House Officer Arun KS is the latest addition to the team, formed under the leadership of Thiruvananthapuram Range IG Sparjan Kumar. The team decided to examine Monson’s social media accounts, for which cyber police station SHO was included, sources said.

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