Richest nationwide buy homes across Florida

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida – The Steeplechase community of Palm Beach Gardens is a neighborhood with wide, tree-covered roads. Most homes are located on more than an acre of land.

Doctor Henry Stark bought his house in 1989.

“My wife actually found the property with my mother-in-law and when I came it was just perfect for us,” he said.

The perfect place for the Stark to raise five children, a generation of keepsakes spanning birthdays and barbecues at proms.

But recently, like many of his longtime neighbors, Henry Stark sold his house.

“It’s time to move on. Life is a series of hello and goodbye if I can quote Billy Joel and this was the perfect time,” he said.

Like so many others in South Florida, Steeplechase is a community in transition. Stark’s house, like many of its neighbors, will be demolished when sold, making way for a more modern and luxurious life.

Developer Craig Dell is leading the charge.

“I had heard of Steeplechase from an agent in that it was a real rough diamond for people who wanted to be in a gated community but didn’t want to belong to a country club,” he said.

Dell says its first transaction was in June 2020, since then it has acquired 11 additional properties. The homes it builds range from 4,600 to 5,300 square feet with five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a pool priced in the millions.

It is primarily aimed at out-of-state buyers.

“I would say mostly people from the northeast, people from California, people from Connecticut, New York, New Jersey,” he said.

People like Bryan Dunn. Its place is under construction now. He moved his family from New York to Palm Beach Gardens. His house is slated for completion in January for a price of $ 3.9 million.

“Quality of life is important, we love New York, we will miss New York, we will be going back to New York. But, with the ability to work from home, having more space seemed like a great decision to us,” he said.

According to the Florida Realtors’ Association, the market for high-end homes before the pandemic was fairly balanced, but that has changed.

“The biggest increase was recorded in New York. The New York City subway has thousands of address form changes in 2020 compared to 2019. We focused on this data. It wasn’t the New York suburbs that really fed him. , it was mainly Manhattan and Brooklyn. Where you not only have some of the richest people in the country, but they are also cramped in very tight spaces and getting very little for their money, ”Dr Brad O’Connor with the Florida Realtors said .

O’Connor says the biggest area of ​​growth is in sales over $ 1 million. This is a trend that may not change.

“In the luxury segment, it’s always been probably over 50% of sales in cash, to start with, and that hasn’t really changed much in that market,” he said.

Dr Stark says change is inevitable.

“Closing the door is a bit difficult, but life begins again, and we continue. The glass is still half full for me,” he said.

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