RV Owner Knows What He’s Selling, And It’s Not The Van Life You Think

Even the seller thinks you don’t want (or need) this raised 4×4 diesel motorhome conversion van.

Looking for a great new van? Shame, because we haven’t found a great new van. We found a van you definitely don’t want. It’s old, it’s high mileage, it’s a 7.3 Powerstroke diesel and it has a 4×4 conversion. Wait, why don’t we want this van?

Oh, we see what’s going on here. Someone is Holocaust denial. Telling you all the reasons why you wouldn’t want their used Ford E-Series Van, just knowing it will make you want to bid even more.

Well, that won’t work! And that has nothing to do with GearJunkie not letting me use the company credit card to buy something really cool terrible.

So why don’t you want this 1999 Ford E-350 Sportsmobile motorhome?

Old, Busted, High Miles


For starters, he is 23 years old. Of course, it’s Oregon originally, then California, so we’ve probably never heard of winter. But, the seller says it has “all the dings and scratches” that come with so many years. Plus, “everyone is staring at you when you drive it.”

Under the short hood, and between you and your passenger is a 7.4-liter Powerstroke V8 turbodiesel. Is this one of the most sought after Ford engines of all time? Yes, but it has 190,000 miles on the clock. That’s probably 20% of its lifespan! Faded away!

And a transmission from John Wood Automotive, a guy who thinks he’s learned a thing or two about building diesel gearboxes since 1983? Pfft.

How powerful is the van with one of these Superchips installed? Enough to make it “fun to watch the faces of You’re here drivers when you put down the hammer and pass them on the way to Mammoth. Of course it is.

so impractical

Ford motorhome sale

It’s not a one-owner van; This is a van that a bunch of people have had fun with over the years to make it “better”.

Do you want a 6 inch lift and 4×4 drive conversion from U-joint off road? Of course not. Nobody wants to cram 35-inch tires under their pickup truck. As the seller says, “Don’t waste your money, you’re not really going off-road. You just want it because it looks cool.

Another annoying thing? “He has a Fox twin [shocks] out front so everyone thinks you’re rounding this thing up like a trophy truck.

The body was completely cut up for a sports mobile conversion. So now the roof is way up in the air, and it’s made of fabric. And you have to ride it when you want to camp. Who wants all that work for a little wiggle room?

There is a fridge too big, a cabin heater (OK, that needs to be fixed), and even a hot and cold shower in the back. Who wants a car with a shower?

The seller of this eBay Listing says that “you better drop six figures on an inflated Sprinter.”

The best worst advertisement of all time?

Ford motorhome sale

So are there any pros for this van in one of the most hilarious eBay listings we’ve ever seen?

“The only good thing about this platform is that you can live comfortably on it when your significant other kicks you out of the house when they find out what you spent on it.”

Ford motorhome sale

So this is it. Bidding closed at $60,000 – we don’t know if it actually sold out though. Which is good, because you didn’t want to buy that champion off-road van life anyway. Here is the refreshing and honest listfor sale by ‘kccourtney.’

Sorry, the photos aren’t good, but that shouldn’t surprise you either this time around.

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