SAT is back in the game with its newly launched e-commerce

SAT is short for Satoshi and the smallest unit of Bitcoin; it is the son of bitcoin, known as the rebirth of bitcoin. Recently, it introduced its e-commerce features to the crypto market.

Melbourne, Australia, April 10, 2022 (NEWSCALL) — SAT is the world’s first decentralized digital stablecoin. It has developed new features to facilitate its valuable investors. In a recent development, SAT has launched an e-commerce platform. It realizes the original intent of bitcoin when it was created – becoming peer-to-peer e-money will also set foot on the road to the real world. Currency development, founders can see that a currency must have purpose and application to become a “universal equivalent”.

Moreover, SAT as a convenient token of Bitcoin, synchronizes the released amount of Bitcoin. After a consensus of the development team and the participating development community, the amount of SAT will have an allocation below: The total amount of SAT is 21 billion and each block reward started from 12,500 but since Bitcoin was halved for the third time. For synchronization, the genesis block reward will have 87.5% SAT.

As the company decides to synchronize the amount of Bitcoin and use this 87.5% to create application value for SAT. For those who doubt that this pre-mine is unfair, people declare that the 87.5% SAT block of genesis will be separated into 3 public wallet addresses under the supervision of the SAT community and used for hedging, planning development and guarantee the exchange, etc. maintain the value of the SAT, the community pays for the SAT only from public wallets, which would help the future of the SAT.

The SAT does not deny the fact that money keeps the world functioning. No matter where people are or what fiat currency they use, money has always been a part of everyday life. People make money through hard work and pay for products, services, and experiences. Money is a necessity in everyone’s life and has always been a means of barter and exchange. Considering this, SAT launches the new application scenarios for the potential users.

New application scenarios for potential users.

SAT has made its contribution to the popular GameFi in 2021 and 2022. Among them, the world’s first Play2Earn mobile game named “Restart”, designed by The Sun Fintech (HK), is taken as the application scenario, and SAT is used as the payment currency to have interacted with the real world and became the first step to realize the SAT anchor as a universal equivalent. Currently, the game is available in Chinese and English and has been released in multiple countries/regions including Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore with a growing number of players.

The reboot takes SAT as the payment currency, and the public only covers its players, while the SAT online mall to be launched in April will make a difference. It is not only the world’s first online shopping mall that uses cryptocurrency payment, but also a big step forward for the cryptocurrency industry, as cryptocurrency has finally moved from the system finance to the trading system.

Potential users may think of online mall as something like Taobao, Shopee, Ebay, etc. The payment is no longer the standard fiat currency but SAT. By doing so, SAT will act as a universal equivalent and anchor its price on clothing, food, housing, transportation, and various goods and services. Said basic functions – medium of exchange, store of value and accounting unit are compatible with the application scenario of this online shopping mall.

With the support of this application scenario, it can even be said that it fully meets the requirements of a currency. The large number of potential users that can be covered helps promote recognition of the value of SAT. These characteristics have also made it the game-changer of the marketing model of most cryptocurrencies – as the founders of SAT quote: “Believe it before you see it”.

Typical cryptocurrency ecosystems always take a long time to develop. But in its second year of existence, SAT already has a rich and essential ecosystem – “Restart” and an online shopping center and has already begun to anchor goods and services. Therefore, people can exchange SAT as currency for goods and services. Such rapid ecosystem development is rarely seen in the cryptocurrency industry, but the sincerity of the SAT team can be seen, which greatly increases the trust of its followers.

SAT is to anchor the price of goods and services, but that hasn’t stopped its price from skyrocketing $1 to $69,000. SAT is bound to rise in value with conditions as favorable as its application scenarios posted online, just like Bitcoin. It is not very smart to choose to take the opportunity or miss it again.

Future crypto enthusiasts should visit the website: to better understand the SAT project.

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