Selling Sunset: 10 Times Chrishell Was Right


With a big fanbase and a lot of buzz, Sell ​​the sunset has made an impact in the reality TV genre, and part of that success is due to the entertaining cast members. When Chrishell Stause was first introduced, viewers learned of her marriage to actor Justin Hartley and her desire to work in the real estate business, and over the episodes she showed more vulnerability.

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Sell ​​the sunset is one of Netflix’s most dramatic reality shows, and throughout the series’ three seasons fans have seen Chrishell arguing, supporting her friend Mary, and dealing with her divorce. There are many times when fans have totally sided with Chrishell.

ten When Christine was crazy about Mary’s engagement party

Chrishell and Mary discuss Selling Sunset

Sell ​​the sunset fans got to see Mary and Romain’s magnificent wedding, and before getting married, Christine heard that Mary was having an engagement party she had not received an invitation to. Christine was angry and felt left out, and Chrishell said it was laid back, tiny, and improvised.

When classifying the actors of Sell ​​the sunset, many fans are drawn to Chrishell and Christine because they are great personalities and they also clashed a lot. In this case, Chrishell was right because she wasn’t in charge of the guest list for the party, and she was just trying to be a good friend of Mary’s.

9 When Chrishell had honest questions about Mary and Romain’s relationship

In Season 1, many of the cast opened up about Mary and Romain because their age difference caused frowns to be raised. Davina and Chrishell discussed romance and Chrishell asked a few questions about the money they make and how they divide the finances.

While others thought Chrishell crossed a line, she said Davina was just as curious, and she was definitely right. No one could fault Chrishell for being intrigued by her new colleagues.

8 When she wanted a client to choose her

The Season 1 episode “Real Estate Hunger Games” got pretty intense, as a new client wanted to work with Chrishell or Christine, and she decided to have them compete for the job.

Chrishell wanted the client to choose her, and while Christine believed she was the best person for the job, viewers understood why Chrishell wanted to win. She was new to the Oppenheim group and wanted to make a good impression and prove that she was up to the challenge.

7 When Christine kicked her out of a party

In a scene from Season 2, Christine and Chrishell got a bit more drama, as Chrishell and Heather discussed Christine excluding Chrishell from a party.

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While not everyone has to be the best of friends, and some people just don’t get along, these were a time when Chrishell was right, because inviting in her own way would have been the polite and kind thing to do.

6 When she wanted the support of the casting during her divorce

Chrishell Strause Justin Selling The Sunset

Comparing Sell ​​the sunset at Million Dollar List, one thing stands out from the Netflix series: the episodes delve deep into the actors and their love lives. Chrishell’s divorce from Justin Hartley became a big plot point in Season 3 and she wanted the support of others. While Mary was kind to her, visited her and comforted her, Christine and Davina had a few questions.

Chrishell was absolutely right in wanting support, compassion, and empathy, and some of the other cast members were wrong to say that Justin looked nice or wondered what the real story was. It wasn’t fair to Chrishell.

5 When Christine asked if she had dementia

Chrishell Stause at the office on Selling Sunset

During an argument with Chrishell, Christine asked, “You understand the difference, don’t you? Or do you still have dementia? And fans were shocked to hear him say that.

It’s easy for viewers to be on Chrishell’s side here, as it was offensive to those struggling, and there really was no reason Christine even mentioned the word. Fans could tell Chrishell didn’t like getting drawn into the drama of the show and tried to be polite during fights.

4 When Christine didn’t know why she was sending her flowers

Viewers learned that Christine sent flowers to Chrishell, but although it was because Chrishell’s father died, Christine said she didn’t know why she had done it because she couldn’t remember the right.

This was another time fans were on Chrishell’s side, as it is painful for Christine not to remember. Losing a parent is, of course, a heartbreaking time, and Christine could have shown a little more compassion to her colleague and co-star.

3 When she explained to Christine that they had to stay away

Dancing with the Stars - Chrishell Stause

In the Season 2 episode “Billionaires Have Compounds,” the two cast members had a chance to talk about their differences at a party, and Chrishell told Christine it would make sense to ‘try not to be together too much.

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Chrishell doesn’t seem to like drama or fighting, and fans can see why she would want to keep the peace. It seemed smart and mature for Chrishell to want them to keep their distance from each other and keep things stylish.

2 When she was really shocked and wanted more information about her divorce

Fans were waiting to see which season 3 of Sell ​​the sunset would say about Justin and Chrishell’s divorce, already knowing the basic facts: that Justin blinded Chrishell by texting her that their marriage was done. Chrishell seemed genuinely shocked at the situation, explaining that she wanted more information as they were arguing, and then Justin sent a message that it was time to end their marriage.

Fans can support Chrishell here, as she was absolutely right to question why her relationship fell apart and burned down so quickly. She was hurt and heartbroken, and she deserved a detailed explanation, given that this is her life and she had never seen any warning signs.

1 When she didn’t want to be the center of Christine’s marriage

Smiling Christine Quinn Holding A Bouquet Wearing A Black Dress On Her Wedding Day On Selling Sunset

When Season 3 wrapped up and the cast members attended Christine’s wedding, Chrishell hoped everyone could ignore her divorce. But unfortunately this has become a topic of discussion.

Chrishell is one of the friendliest Sell ​​the sunset members of the cast because she has a good heart and isn’t afraid of being vulnerable. It made sense that she wanted the celebration to be about Christine, not her, and it made sense for her to come home early from the wedding when the conversation focused too much on her.

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