SMBs need help managing explosive e-commerce growth and the big quit

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SMBs need help managing explosive e-commerce growth and the big quit

The answer lies in technology

Posted: Tuesday, September 13, 2022 – 12:00 PM

(StoreConnect: San Francisco) — One of the biggest news stories in recent years has been the big resignation. Millennials in particular have felt the brunt of workforce changes due to the pandemic and have pushed back. Nearly 60% of millennials believe burnout has increased since the big quit, while globally, 83% say they’ve had to take on up to six new tasks outside of their job description due to the resignation of their colleagues. Small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses (SMBs) in particular can struggle with this shift, says Mikel Lindsaar, CEO and Founder of StoreConnect.

“E-commerce SMEs struggling with intolerant and growing consumer demands are unable to sustain this level of revenue,” he says. “Companies need to prepare for an enduring culture of abandonment, and for SMBs, technology can help.”

To combat burnout and try to compensate for the extra work, more and more companies are looking for creative ways to compensate their employees, from the four-day work week to the transition to permanent remote work. Even with these benefits, companies should expect this level of revenue to be the new norm. Job turnover is 20% higher, even in this new world of remote and hybrid working, and it is expected to remain high with 37 million people expected to leave their jobs in 2022. If a company lost a fifth of its workforce before Covid, they should expect that number to jump to a fourth.

Responding to the explosive growth of e-commerce

Along with the trend of employee turnover is the explosive growth of e-commerce for SMEs. Meeting this demand is a challenge for many SMBs and, again, technology holds the answer. With global retail spending estimated at $6.3 trillion by 2024, there is a huge opportunity to help SMBs navigate this boom.

“It’s all about simplicity,” says Lindsaar. “Many companies can do POS, multistore and multicurrency… but who cares if you have to do it on 10 different systems?”

StoreConnect is a Salesforce-based e-commerce, point-of-sale, and content management system that enables small and medium-sized businesses to consolidate all of their marketing, sales, and support channels into one system.

Some of the main challenges SMEs face include:
• Cyber-security
• Competition
• Execution of orders
• Client experience
• Quality website traffic and visitor conversion
• Visibility
• Return and refund policies
• Find the right market

The right technology can make all the difference, with a fully integrated e-commerce platform helping SMBs streamline their business processes and compete with big retailers during the current uncertainty in the world.

“The industry has focused too long on big business, not small business,” says Lindsaar. “I saw the need to create a solution that allowed SMBs to compete with the Goliaths in e-commerce, which is needed more than ever with the explosive growth of online shopping.”

StoreConnect helps SMBs free up staff resources and focus on customers while being the affordable solution. Providing 15 tools in one system, which no other e-commerce system does, StoreConnect makes it easy for SMBs to scale from 3,000 orders per month to 35,000 orders over two days without any prior customer warning and negative impact on store speed. Additionally, StoreConnect enables SMBs to manage multiple stores from a single system with multiple currencies, designs, product combinations, shipping solutions, and more.

“E-commerce businesses save $50,000 to $250,000 in the first year of StoreConnect just from the efficiency of a single e-commerce 3.0 system,” says Lindsaar. “And they will be able to keep the same system as they scale to multiple sites in multiple languages ​​and channels, at the same speed and at low cost, being able to compete globally like never before. David can really take on Goliath!

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