South Carolina Gamecocks offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield explains more selling points to Spencer Rattler

There was the unconventional Marcus Satterfield sales pitch – telling Spencer Rattler the whole world thinks they both stink – then there were the more conventional messages.

The ones that involved Satterfield throwing his NFL-style offense and telling Rattler, a former top 15 player in his class, what the Gamecocks are doing will help him once he’s in the NFL.

Both seemed to work.

“My selling point for him, and we’ve had a few NFL quarterbacks to help us out and reach out, the importance of playing in a system where you sometimes come together and have play calls and have to have a cadence.” , Satterfield said. “It’s preparation for the next level.”

Rattler signed up for South Carolina in early December, teaming up with former Oklahoma teammate Austin Stogner and former Sooner coach Shane Beamer.

A Heisman preseason contender coming into the year, he seems the odds favorite as he sits right now to start for the Gamecocks next season and Satterfield believes Rattler will be able to absorb a lot on the NFL in his time with South Carolina, whether it be a year or two.

“Obviously Spencer is a very good player and we’re going to make him as good as possible. He has to experience something new to prepare him for the next level. The fact that we’re an NFL professional style system, he’s going to come in and get used to that, ”Satterfield said.

“When his time comes, whether it’s a year or two, he’ll be ready to roll when he steps into the rookie minicamp. I think it was huge and very attractive to him.

It will now be up to Gamecock’s offensive coaching staff to find ways to use Rattler and put him in places to thrive. Satterfield has said he hopes to use him as another former Oklahoma quarterback and Heisman winner.

“To me he’s going to look a lot like Baker Mayfield. I told him I’m sorry and not trying to compare him to the guys from Oklahoma, but he’s an athletic guy who sometimes gets under center with explosiveness, ”Satterfield said. “He will show himself under the center with his playing pass and his goalkeeper game. I think he’s going to be able to do some great things.

Rattler has completed 70.1% of his passes in his career, averaging 8.9 yards per attempt with 40 touchdowns for 12 interceptions.

He ran 127 times for 260 yards, but Satterfield said his mobility was not the same as that of Luke Doty, who is more of a runner.

“He’s got great ball skills, which for quarterbacks means how he handles the ball with transfers and feints. His creativity will improve. I think he’s a little different from Luke because Luke lets you read more area, ”he said. – Spencer isn’t. He can run and play games and he’s mobile, but he’s not really a zone reading type guy. “

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