Tesla Model X was the best-selling used car in the United States last month

Although the Tesla Model X ramp is more deliberate than expected, the all-electric crossover remains hugely popular. So popular, in fact, that the premium SUV became the top-selling used vehicle in the United States in March 2022.

car search engine iSeeCars.com, which aggregates and analyzes data from more than 75% of all used car listings in the United States, noted that the used car market in the country was dominated by alternative fuel vehicles. The company analyzed more than 150,000 new and used cars sold in March 2022 and found that an average new car takes 35.5 days to sell, while an average used car takes 52.9 days to sell.

Of the vehicles analyzed by the company, the Tesla Model X took the shortest time to sell, averaging just 28.0 days. Prices for the flagship all-electric SUV were also quite steep, with the average cost of the vehicles listed at $90,406. iSeeCars executive analyst Karl Brauer noted that the deliberate ramping of the new Tesla Model X, which comes with a fully refreshed interior, may be a factor in the high demand for the vehicle in the luxury car market. ‘opportunity.

“The earliest delivery time for a new Tesla Model X is December 2022 for the base model and August 2022 for the high-performance Plaid version, further increasing demand for used versions. All Tesla vehicles have long waiting lists for their new versions, and used versions of the highly anticipated Tesla Model Y are entering the used car market,” Brauer said. mentioned.

It’s not just the Model X either. Tesla’s entire lineup, the Model S, Model 3 and Model Y, was also among the top-selling used cars in the United States in March. The Model Y took an average of just 29.5 days to sell for an average price of $65,949, an amount close to the price of an all-new Model Y Performance.

The Tesla Model 3 is on the same page, with the all-electric sedan taking an average of 34.7 days to sell in the used-car market. Used Model 3s were listed with an average price of $49,394, making them more expensive than a brand new Model 3 RWD. The Tesla Model S, on the other hand, took an average of 34.4 days to sell at an average price of $85,103.

iSeeCars’ full analysis of its March 2022 data is available here.

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Tesla Model X was the best-selling used car in the United States last month

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