The Bristol Press – Plainville Chamber of Commerce: Jainchill & Beckert helps clients know their rights

PLAINVILLE – Jainchill & Beckert is a local personal injury company that prioritizes building trust and helping those in need.

Jainchill & Beckert specializes in personal injury cases including motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents and accidents caused by hazardous materials. They also assist with workers’ compensation claims, criminal cases, real estate transactions and commercial disputes.

Jainchill & Beckert helps each client know their rights and understand the law as it applies to their case.

“When they are involved in a legal matter, many people feel overwhelmed by anxiety. They don’t know what to expect or where to turn, ”their website says. “At Jainchill & Beckert, LLC, we believe that fear of the unknown is often much worse than reality. When you come to our office, you will always know where you stand.

Jainchill & Beckert was founded in 2010 by lawyers William Beckert and Aaron Jainchill. Beckert said he and his partner enjoy helping people with personal injury accidents, especially because many people are unaware of their rights in the event of an accident.

“A lot of people don’t know what their rights are and they need help. My partner and I love to help them, ”said Beckert.

Beckert said his business is focused on building trust with its customers. He said they have been successful so far; many clients will continue to recommend his practice to family and friends.

“Confidence is everything for a lawyer,” Beckert said.

Beckert said lawyers at his firm made sure to avoid rushing cases. They are not pushing for a settlement, and they make sure to consider all options before deciding on a course of action.

“We want to make sure nothing is returned and that we don’t take anything for granted,” Beckert said.

Jainchill & Beckert is located at 144 W Main St. in Plainville. The firm primarily represents clients in Plainville, Bristol, Southington, Farmington and New Britain, as well as across the state. For more information, call 860-845-6879 or visit

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