The most valuable items to craft and sell in the New World


There are many reasons to focus on the money when playing. New world. Whether you’re maintaining or upgrading your gear, buying final materials for a large item you’re crafting, or even buying a house and paying taxes on it, having gold is useful in Aeternum.

You’ll earn a decent amount of cash by completing Town Board Quests, Faction Quests, Side Quests, and Main Story Quests, but the real money is selling highly sought after merchandise at the Post Offices. treaty. You can make money here by selling raw materials in bulk or crafting popular pieces of equipment like bags or tools.

Here are some of the most expensive and valuable items on New world trading posts, and how you can craft them. Prices are based on the current listings of trading posts on the Atvatbar server.

Adventurer bags

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These bags are a must have for all gamers once they hit a certain level as they provide a huge boost to the overall bulk, while the better quality saddlebags provide additional benefits like reduced weight for a longer life. specific selection of items, or an additional chance to find rare equipment or resources.

There are four types of Adventurer Saddlebags, each requiring 45 pieces of a specific type of leather, 25 pieces of any type of linen, 10 ingots of any type of metal, and a specific possession rune that you can purchase with coins. currency and faction tokens from your faction representative.

  • Coarse Leather Bag: +100 Congestion (base level), chance to gain an advantage. Requires 45 Coarse Leather, 25 Cloth, 10 Metal Ingots, Minor Possession Rune (costs 1,000 Faction Tokens and 250 Gold).
  • Sturdy leather bag: +150 Congestion (base level), chance to get two boons, needs 50 armor skills. Requires 45 sturdy leathers, 25 cloths, 10 metal ingots, a major possession rune (costs 3,000 faction tokens and 500 gold)
  • Layered leather bag: +225 Clutter (base level), chance to get three boons, needs 100 armor skills. Requires 45 layers of leather, 25 cloths, 10 metal ingots, a larger possession rune (costs 5,000 faction tokens and 1,000 gold)
  • Infused Leather Bag: +300 Clutter (base level), chance to get three perks, requires 150 armor skills. Requires 45 Imbued Leathers, 25 Cloths, 10 Metal Ingots, Large Possession Rune (costs 7,000 Faction Tokens and 1,500 Gold)

Costs may increase to craft the best bags purely based on the costs of Rune of Holding, but the potential money you can make from it may be worth it, especially if you spend just a little bit of Azoth to ensure a little rarity. common and an essential advantage. .

Coarse leather bags and sturdy leather bags are sold at trading posts between 800 and 1200 pieces. Layered Leather Bags which have three perks and epic rarity go for as much as 2,000 to 5,000, while Leather Infused Bags have a list of up to 10,000 pieces. It’s a whole house!


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Everyone needs tools in Aeternum and the smart and sophisticated engineer can make a nice little profit for a relatively low hardware cost. Tools that are worth a decent coin are the Starmetal and Orichalcum varieties, with each type of tool costing 10-15 ingots of the corresponding metal ore, and some fine wood and leather. Higher level wood and leather means a higher equipment score on the tool during crafting.

As with saddlebags, it is absolutely necessary to spend Azoth to secure tool perks, as those perks will make tools much more valuable on countertops. Starmetal pickaxes can sell for between 100 and 400 pieces each, depending on their rarity, while Orichalcum picks sell for no less than 300 and up to 2000. You’ll also see similar prices for other tools.

Cut precious stones

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Are you a skilled stonemason with loose uncut gemstones scattered throughout your storage sheds? Well, grab some particles and solvents, head over to the stone cutting table and start cutting those gems.

If you’ve been collecting chests at landmarks all this time while continuing to harvest and mine, you should have plenty of Motes and Solvents on hand to craft. You can get Rough Gems from Mining Ore, and you can increase your chances of getting those with a high quality pickaxe with the benefit of luck and a meal that increases your Mining Luck. You can also simply purchase the materials for the trading posts, as you can for any of these items.

Some of the most useful cut gems will yield quality coins. A cut pristine carnelian, perfectly suited for someone with a tank building in mind, costs no less than 500 coins. Other cut gemstones like moonstones and diamonds also sell for hundreds of pieces.

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