The Saline Region Chamber of Commerce has a new Executive Director

Experience, knowledge, energy and dedication are some of the traits that Michelle Dugan brings to the role of General Manager of the Saline Region Chamber of Commerce.

Needing leadership, Dugan was hired by the Board of Directors to help steer the chamber in the right direction while striving to achieve its mission of helping maintain a positive economic climate and serving as a meaningful resource for all. types of business needs and referrals.

The Sun Times News (STN) recently caught up with Dugan and sat down with her in the chamber’s new office, located at 100 E. Michigan Avenue, Suite 10, which is directly below Mac’s Acadian Seafood Shack.

The chamber serves the town of Saline and the local townships of Bridgewater, Lodi, Pittsfield, Saline and York.

Michelle Dugan, photo courtesy of Floral City Images

STN asked Dugan how she feels about being the new director.

“People have a natural need to belong and come together,” she said. “Chambers of commerce are gathering points. Businesses are the greatest unifier of human effort on the planet. It’s exhilarating to bring business people together for mutually beneficial causes.

Prior to Saline, Dugan worked at the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce for 26 years. She also worked in the economic development department of the City of Monroe & Monroe County Industrial Development Corporation for six years, as well as the Gladstone, Missouri Chamber for nearly two years and the St. Joseph, Missouri chamber for nearly six years.

She made a career out of running a chamber of commerce. She served more than 20 years in her hometown of Monroe, but the opportunity to come to Saline and help run the chamber was a new challenge she wanted to take on.

STN asked her about her goals and she said that as a business organization they are twofold:

#1, “Bringing Business People Together” and #2, “Adding Value to Their Business Operations”.

She said the chamber has a “mission, vision, values ​​and pillars that drive everything we do at the Saline Region Chamber of Commerce.”

Among her various duties, she said her role here is to mentor staff and volunteers to live up to these commitments while also reporting to a strong board of directors. All of them mean so much to the House.

Giving insight into her personal life, which contains a great adventure, she said that she and her husband, Pete, have a 13-year-old daughter, Jana, and love to explore the outdoors in her Jeep Wrangler.

STN asked what they would like the community to know about them.

“As a problem solver, I’m passionate about helping businesses thrive,” she said. “My personal mission statement is to help people help themselves.”

If you would like to get in touch with Dugan, you can email him at [email protected] or by phone at 734-429-4494. For more information on the chamber, visit

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