The state “buys” votes with a poorly spent budget surplus


Sending money to voters is perhaps an effective bribe for these gullible Idahoans who watch Fox News and brain-doubting. But how much more admirable, how much more proud would we, citizens of Idaho, be if our public school teachers did not have to pay out of pocket for most of the materials they need to teach in school!

Educationally lower-level states such as Arkansas, Arizona, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Utah (which spend significantly more on religion than on public education) have no funding. educationally primitive Idaho. In valuing public education, upon which America’s future depends, we are trailing or close to it in every competitive measure. But damn it, we have a budget surplus and record tax refunds! Refunds instead of educated citizenship. Ours is a third-class public education system that grew out of a third-class state legislature dominated by provincial fools.

The same could be said of the two US senators from Idaho, Risch and Crapo. Two Big Lie lackeys who, through their deadly silence, share the heavy responsibility for America’s current culture of hatred and the attacks on democracy led by their anti-American ex-president mentor. The Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, KKK and other American saboteurs must admire and idolize these two obligingly silent senators.

Please stop buying voters and bragging about Idaho’s “economic prosperity” when our public education is a national disgrace. The Idaho parish legislature is funding a generation not of honorable and responsible citizens equipped for the future, but of island models destined to shut down the economic and social march. Buy educated citizens for tomorrow with your poorly spent budget surplus – no more uninformed and disenfranchised failures doomed to destroy this nation.


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