These are the best-selling electric vehicles of the VW group in 2021

  • The VW Group recorded 452,900 deliveries of electric vehicles in 2021, with battery-electric models accounting for 5.1% of total deliveries.
  • The group tripled its BEV deliveries in North America in 2021 compared to 2020, with the VW ID.4 being the group’s best-selling electric vehicle globally and in the United States.
  • BEVs represented 10.5% of the Volkswagen group’s deliveries in Western Europe in 2021, compared to 6.2% in 2020.

    The Wolfsburg-based automaker revealed this week that it had roughly doubled its deliveries of electric vehicles in 2021, with battery-electric models accounting for 5.1% of its total deliveries during the year, up from 2, 5% in 2020. The Volkswagen group reports that it delivered 452,900 battery-electric models during the year, out of a total of 8,882,000 vehicles sold worldwide by its brands.

    Perhaps most encouragingly for electric vehicle sales, 10.5% of the Volkswagen Group’s deliveries in Western Europe were battery-electric models, up from 6.2% in 2020. If the automaker can maintain that momentum, by nearly doubling the share of BEV it sells each year in Western Europe and other regions, it should be on track to meet its long-term electrification goals.

    ID.4 accounted for 119,600 deliveries worldwide. A new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, will open later this year to meet American demand.

    Scott Keogh / Volkswagen

    “The Group has tripled its deliveries of BEV to the largest North American market year on year to 37,200 vehicles, making it number two for battery electric vehicles,” added the automaker.

    Which electric vehicles have sold the best for the Volkswagen Group?

    The breakdown by model is quite enlightening, with ID.4 being number one representing 119,600 deliveries worldwide. It should be noted that the ID.4 is now produced in China also for the local market, and will gain yet another home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, later this year, with current US models being imported from Zwickau, Germany.

    The Volkswagen ID.3 hatchback landed in a somewhat distant second place with 75,500 vehicles delivered, being a hot seller in Europe but not available in the US. In fact, Volkswagen has struggled to keep up with demand for the ID.3 on its home continent, and it looks like the little hatch is doomed to stay there, with VW in no rush to offer it in outside of Europe.

    audi etron 2019
    The Audi e-tron has seen 49,200 deliveries, but the pricey model will likely be overtaken by the volume-focused Q4 e-tron, now joining the lineup.


    The Audi e-tron and the Sportback variant came in third among the group’s bestsellers, with the automaker having delivered 49,200 units during 2021. The model was among the first to arrive, but is also somewhat Dear.

    The Skoda Enyaq iV was the VW Group’s fourth best-selling battery electric model, based closely on the VW ID.4 and offered primarily in Europe.

    The Volkswagen e-Up! the small hatch came in fifth with 41,400 units delivered, already behind the new ID.3 although it has been on the market a little longer. This model is also not offered in the United States, but continues to be popular in Europe.

    Last year “has been very difficult due to global semiconductor shortages, but nonetheless we have consistently implemented our clear future direction towards New Auto,” said Christian Dahlheim, Volkswagen Group Sales Manager. “The doubling of our electric battery volumes and strong demand for all of our vehicles clearly shows that we are on the right track. This is something we will build on this year and continue to drive our transformation forward.”

    volkswagen id5
    Neither the ID.5 nor the ID.5 GTX are planned for release in the United States.


    More Volkswagen EVs are on the way this year, with the coupe-shaped ID.5 sport utility joining the ID.4, but not in the USA. The biggest EV launch of the year will likely be the production version of the ID.Buzz, which is expected to be unveiled in March before U.S. sales begin in 2023.

    As for the other brands of the VW group, Audi has just offered the Q4 e-tron in the United States, which is expected to become Ingolstadt’s volume offering of electric vehicles in the United States. The Porsche Macan EV, meanwhile, will take a year longer to get here, which is slated to land in 2023.

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