Uganda Airlines Managing Director (CEO) does not present academic documents

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The Committee of Statutory Authorities of Commissions and State Enterprises (COSASE) has embarked on a process to assess the resumes and qualifications of senior management of Uganda Airlines.

This followed the failure of the airline’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jenifer Bamuturaki, to present her academic papers before the committee chaired by Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi on Thursday August 18, 2022.

The committee reviews the Auditor General’s report on Uganda Airlines for the year ending 2021.

In his report, the Auditor General cited issues related to wage disparities, the lack of an organizational structure and the airline’s continued losses.

While the committee conducted its investigation, the CEO was asked to bring her curriculum vitae (CV) and college credentials.

The committee sought to compare her qualifications with those of the advertised position of CEO which required the ideal candidate to have an honors degree in any field and postgraduate training in administration or any other business-related course.

Although Bamuturaki told the committee that she graduated with a degree in Social Work and Social Administration (SWASA) from Makerere University in 1994, she said she has never gotten her transcripts since then.

According to Bamuturaki, she has been to the university three times recently to get her transcript, but the university has yet to locate it.

AUDIO Bamuturaki

When asked for her ordinary level score sheet, she told the committee that she had lost it and was in the process of getting a new one from the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB ).

Bamuturaki said she only had a letter and a certificate indicating that she had graduated. She said she used her certificate and for most of her jobs she was kicked out.

Ssenyonyi said it was possible the CEO did not have the qualifications, adding that this could be the cause of the airline’s challenges.

“We asked how she got jobs and she said she was always wanted. It’s true because even for this recruitment process, money was spent to recruit people, but the process has got arrested and she got the job,” he said.

Ssenyonyi AUDIO

Member of Parliament for Mawokota Sud, the Hon. Yusuf Nsibambi said the committee needed to take time to review the CVs and qualifications of Ugandan airline officials.

He said the committee is not asking the questions in vain but wants to make sure the airline is in good hands.

“When the person in charge of the airline comes up with dubious and questionable answers, then we are concerned on behalf of Ugandans as an accountability committee,” he said.

The committee also tasked Bamuturaki with explaining why in 2019 she registered a ballot to change her name from Musiime Jenifer Bamuturaki to Jenifer Arnold Lenkai.

She told the committee that she simply changed her mind and did not complete the process by keeping the name, Jenifer Bamuturaki.

MP for Buzaaya County, Hon. Martin Muzale said the fact that the airline’s CEO has no academic papers could be the reason she wanted to change her name.

“For a CEO running a big institution like this, making a lot of money and you say for 28 years you haven’t gotten your transcript. Once you pay UNEB they give you six days to choose your papers, university is the same. I think we are dealing with a different person and not the CEO of the airline,” Muzale said.


Bamuturaki was also tasked with explaining her relationship with Abbavater, a public relations and marketing firm hired to promote Uganda Airlines.

Ssenyonyi questioned the conflict of interest when it emerged that Bamuturaki was associated with Abbavater before joining the airline.

She said she went to the same church as the business owner and that was her only relationship with Abbavater and she did not own any stock.

The committee, however, said that before joining the airline, Bamuturaki had signed certain documents on behalf of Abbavater.

The committee handed Bamuturaki and Bagenda over to the parliament police over their dealings with the PR firm, but also over issues of inconsistency in their statements.

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