Ujjain: Houses of 3 selling banned kite strings razed day after woman died

The UJJAIN DISTRICT administration demolished three “illegal” houses, days after police accused their owners of selling banned Chinese kite strings. The demolition was carried out on short notice on Sunday, a day after Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan took note of the death of a 20-year-old woman and ordered strict action against those selling the ‘deer rope – deadly steering wheel”.

Although the links between the three owners of the demolished homes and the deaths were not immediately clear, district officials said Sunday’s demolition was a move to stop the sale of the banned kite string.

“We had been circulating Section 144 orders banning the sale of Chinese kite strings, but that couldn’t stop the sale. Subsequently, considering the amount seized and the fact that two out of three had backgrounds, we decided to take strict action and their houses were demolished as a coercive action to stop the sale of the deer rope -steering prohibited,” said Ujjain collector Ashish Singh. The Indian Express.

The immediate trigger appears to be the death of student Neha Aanjna on Saturday.

Neha was driving a two-wheeler, with her sister sitting in the back, above a flyover when an errant kite string became tangled around her neck. She fell off the two-wheeler, bleeding profusely, an eyewitness said.

“We tried to free her neck but the string was very tangled. With the help of a few passers-by, we put Neha in my car and took her to the nearest hospital. But she couldn’t. be saved,” said Devend Sengar, a lawyer based in Ujjain.

According to her Neha’s uncle, Mahesh Aanjna, she aspired to become an IPS officer. Originally from a village in the Tehsil Mahidpur of Ujjain, she lived with her aunt for higher education. “As the colleges were closed, she was preparing to return home and headed to the Free Ganj area to get medicine…before she could leave for her village. Instead, we had to send her remains home,” he said.

On the same day, Chief Minister Chouhan tweeted: “News of the death of 20-year-old Neha Aanjna at Madhavnagar Police Station in Ujjain due to a kite string tangling around her neck is overwhelming. I pray to God that his parents have the strength to face it. Chouhan then ordered the district administration to take action against anyone selling this kite string.

A day later, the homes of Abdul Jabbar, Vijay Bhavsare and Ritik Jadhav were demolished, allegedly hours after receiving “back-dated” notices. While Jabbar was sentenced under Section 188 on January 3, Bhavsare and Jadhav were sentenced under the same provision on January 12 and 13 for selling the banned kite string. A total of six people were booked under the same charge.

While Jabbar lived in his house in Top Khana locality, Bhavsare and Jadhav lived in Shashtri Nagar and Indore Gate localities of Ujjain respectively.

Jabbar’s son, Mohammad Zubair, said a notice had been given, claiming that their house had been built illegally and to stop any further action they had to provide the relevant documents to the relevant office.

“My illiterate mother received the notice, which was backdated to January 12. He was simply asked to sign it. Within an hour of giving the notice, more than three police vans along with JCB machines arrived and started demolishing our house. When we objected, they asked us to sit quietly or we would be booked by the NSA,” said Zubair, who worked as a puncture repairer and sold kites and kite string for the three months around Makar Sankranti.

Their little shop – “Chul Bul Patang Store” – on the ground floor of their house was run by Jabbar.

Jabbar was booked under IPC Section 188 after being found in possession of prohibited kite string.

“When my father was arrested I told the police that we bought the kite string from a wholesaler called Narendra Jain but the police after bringing him for 15 minutes let him go without any action,” Zubair alleged.

He said after police seized the kite strings on January 3, they were only selling kites.

City police superintendent Pallavi Shukla, who oversaw the demolition of Jabbar’s house, said the houses were razed because they were deemed illegal by the district administration.

Despite repeated attempts, the municipal commissioner of Ujjain did not respond to calls and messages.

When asked why the wholesaler, who had sold the twine to Zubair and others, had not been booked, Shukla said: “A search was carried out by the police concerned but nothing was found. found during the search.”

Meanwhile, Congressman Arif Masood, in a letter to Home Minister Narottam Mishra, demanded the arrest of the main supplier of the kite string Virendra Jain. “Several proofs of the purchase of kite strings by the main supplier Virendra Jain have been provided even though the administration has not taken action against him,” he wrote.

Neha’s uncle, Mahesh, however, said: “The government advises against the use of Chinese products and says they are banned, so how come such products are sold under the noses of the police and the district administration.

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