Vets Urge People to Stop Buying English Bulldogs

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English Bulldogs have one of the most distinctive appearances of any dog ​​breed. But UK vets are now advising people to stop buying the breed due to specific health issues.

A recent study published by the royal veterinary college warned about how “urgent action is needed to reduce many of the serious English Bulldog health problems associated with exaggerated characteristics”.

The same study concluded that English Bulldogs are more than twice as likely to develop health problems and conditions as other dogs.

Part of the problem with English Bulldogs is that they are a flat-faced breed – known as “brachycephalic”. This can increase their likelihood of continuing to suffer from health problems.

Why are English Bulldogs more at risk than other breeds?

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Digging into the Royal Veterinarian College study explains exactly what’s going on with English Bulldogs and why vets are trying to discourage people from buying the breed.

The study compared just over 2,500 English Bulldogs to over 20,000 other breeds. Researchers found that English Bulldogs were more than twice as likely to develop medical issues.

Some of the more common medical conditions English Bulldogs seem to develop include:

  • cherry eye
  • Lower jaw problems
  • Dermatitis problems around skin folds
  • Airway obstruction

In an effort to help safeguard the future of the English Bulldog breed, the study made the following recommendation:

“It is hoped that the results of this research will discourage the breeding and purchase of animals with extreme conformations and instead promote a move towards public acceptance of a more moderate conformation with improved natural (innate) health. “

Problems with Buying Brachycephalic Breeds

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In addition to an increased risk of developing health problems, other issues can arise when someone purchases an English Bulldog or other brachycephalic breeds.

Some of the key issues are:

  • Brachycephalic breeds end up in shelters when their humans cannot handle health issues.
  • Buying dogs supports irresponsible breeders. Remember it’s always best to adopt, don’t shop around!
  • Brachycephalic breeds may have low exercise requirements; however, they still need a commitment to getting enough exercise to avoid canine obesity.

Have you ever adopted an English Bulldog? Do you think people should focus more on a dog’s health than their appearance? Let us know in the comments below!

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