What credit do the Eagles get for correcting their own mistakes? – Thoughts on a good draft that is overrated

Howie Roseman had a good draft.

He got a big beefy SEC nag in the first round, traded a few picks for a stud receiver, landed replacement Jason Kelce, then grabbed a falling Nakobe Dean in the third round. There is a lot of value in this transport.

If you scroll through social media you’ll find all kinds of fanboy stuff proclaiming Howie the greatest of all time and that he “killed” the draft and that he did everything right and so on, which is, of course, an overreaction. Philadelphia sports fans and especially the media tend to exaggerate both the good and the bad, when things are generally much less extreme and fall somewhere in the middle.

That’s why we use the word “good” and not “great” in the opening sentence, because everything needs context, starting with the macro-level idea that we don’t evaluate the creation of lists in singular voids, but along a wider and longer path. Instead.

Let’s start with:

A.J. Brown

Awesome receiver. Nice job from Howie to turn a 1st and 3rd into a proper WR1.

We’re sure more than one thing can be true, and the ancillary reality is that they traded for AJ Brown because they’ve already sniffed out picks like Jalen Reagor and JJ Arcega-Whiteside, which left a error to be corrected by the Eagles. As a result, they spent three straight years using first-round picks to meet the catcher’s need, meaning those resources couldn’t be allocated elsewhere.

For example, if one of Reagor or JJAW hit, or if they were able to bring in Calvin Ridley or a free agent, then they could have turned to the defensive end with pick 18. They could have hung Trent McDuffie to play opposite Darius Slay, or perhaps Jermaine Johnson to replace an aging Brandon Graham. There would have been other options if they hadn’t gotten stuck using another first-round pick to solve the receiver problem they themselves created.

Cam Jürgens

Jason Kelce’s replacement? Good! We’re gonna need this guy. Kelce is hugely important and might not be around after next season.

The problem is you also have to find Malcolm Jenkins’ replacement and Rodney McLeod’s replacement, and those guys don’t even play for the Eagles anymore.

We know the Eagles value the offensive line. It’s an important group of personnel and we see how crucial guys like Kelce and Lane Johnson are. But the is such a thing as hype, and when you already have Landon Dickerson, Nate Herbig, Jack Driscoll, and Isaac Seumalo in there (plus Kelce, and another first-round pick in Andre Dillard not even playing), then Jurgens sits out for a year or kicks someone else out of his guard position before returning to the center just a year later, assuming Kelce Is finally retire.

Jurgens could go on to have a great career at the Eagles so the concern over this selection is not about the player himself. It’s just that it feels like the classic “Howie outdoes himself” type of move where you scratch your head and wonder what he’s doing. Yes Cam Taylor Britt or Bryan Cook tears it up in 2022 while Jurgens sits on the bench waiting for his turn, that’s going to be hard to swallow. It’s one thing to sign a second-round quarterback and groom him for a year or whatever, but that’s a fucking center we’re talking about. Teams do not pick up crosses and then ask them to wait their turn.

Jordan Davis

On paper, it’s hard to argue against taking a massive inside lineman from the SEC defense who won it all. Davis looks like a very good guy who will fill a needy position with Fletcher Cox and Javon Hargrave on expiring contracts, while the 3rd guy in the rotation, Milton Williams, is entering only his second season in the NFL.

If you want to nitpick anything about this selection, you can point to the Eagles needing to trade a fourth and two fifth rounders to move up two spots. It’s pricey, especially considering they’ve had a decent mid-project success rate over the years. In the past five seasons alone, they’ve knocked Kenneth Gainwell, Jack Driscoll, Avonte Maddox and Josh Sweat out of the 4th or 5th round. If the Birds stayed at 15, assuming the Ravens ended up taking Davis at 14, Kyle Hamilton might have been there at 15. Who knows ?

Nakobe Dean

I loved watching Dean play in college. Easily a first-round talent for his brains, athleticism and character.

We’d be naive, however, not to worry about the injury issues that took him down in round three in the first place. All 32 NFL teams have passed it multiple times, Eagles included. I don’t know if a Sidney Jones comparison is fair, since Jones’ injury was much more linear and easily defined, but there’s obviously a risk component to all of this, and we trust the Eagles doctors and the department. player staff. to tell us that everything will be fine.

Worst-case scenario Dean’s rookie season is cut short, he gets surgery and comes back healthy in 2023. Let’s just hope with ByMarvin Leal and Nick Cross sitting there that the Birds taking a risk here end up working for them. Either way, I think it was a decision they had to make, and even if Dean didn’t work out, the value was too good to pass up.

In conclusion

I really like this draft, but I just don’t see the A+++ “slam dunk” that everyone on Twitter seems to be skimming. For me, this draft is a solid B. They had to add extra assets to make their first-round moves, after pushing one of those picks to next season, which essentially makes pre-draft trades of Howie neutrals. In order to get Brown and Davis they had to give up a third, fourth and two fifth rounds, and after more wheeling and dealing they didn’t pick up until the sixth round and took a Kansas linebacker and a EMS firefighter / tight finish.

That said, this post does not constitute “Negadelphia” or a “Contrarian”. wide traverse does not counter-arism, we just call it as we see it. If you want fake opposite side positions, try sports radio. It’s okay to be skeptical about this draft and that doesn’t make you a debbie downer or whatever stupid term you want to use.

The bottom line is that the Eagles are overstocked in some positions and severely understocked in others. If they value the offensive line and the defensive line, that’s good. It’s their philosophy to build through the trenches. But what’s happening is that we’ve seen too many Matt Klentak-inspired trash dives for a year in other roles, including linebacker and high school. With Nakobe Dean, Kyzir White and Haason Reddick* in the fold, the LB group on paper finally looks like what we saw the year Nigel Bradham, Mychal Kendricks and Jordan Hicks (by the way, the talent on the roster seems very preferable 3-4, doesn’t it?). But in the secondary, they lost a starting corner and two starting safeties, brought one of those three back in a second consecutive year-long provisional move, and have yet to fill in the others. If they go out and sign Honey Badger and/or move one of their surplus offensive linemen, then that’s a good start to work on the roster after the draft, but there’s still a ton of work to do. .

If you want to crown Howie Roseman, then crown his ass. He’s a good general manager, maybe in the top third of NFL leadership, and he’ll keep the Birds competitive while he’s here, but people here are acting like the guy is walking on water when it’s not even close to being true.

* I don’t even know what to call Reddick until we see how Jonathan “I don’t have a scheme” Gannon plots him. It’s a true hybrid, but from the moves they’ve made in the offseason, it looks like it’s going to be a 3-4 defense, which is something we haven’t seen in Philadelphia for a while now. If you consider it necessary to trade against Davis to build a fundamental play for the 3-4, then giving up those extra picks is much more acceptable.


I totally forgot to mention it, but I think the obvious thing Howie should be credited for is drafting SEC players. Bama players. Georgia players. Keep it simple, get guys from the best teams in the best conference. DeVonta Smith, Landon Dickerson, Davis, Dean, etc.

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