You bought the wrong coffee at Whole Foods

With inflation gripping global grocery budgets, it might seem like a good idea to buy the cheapest coffee available, especially when you’re already shopping at Whole Foods. However, there are some small companies that, in terms of taste, rank above the rest according to coffee connoisseurs.

Whereas Roasted coffee lists 11 javas to buy before grabbing the pre-ground 365 house blend, three on the list are Allegro varieties – an independent coffee company based in Boulder, Colorado that merged with Whole Foods in 1997 (per Town of Thorton). The Organic Continental Blend ranks high for its earthy and chocolate tones while the Kenyan Grand Cru and Organic Mexico La Corona De Chiapas are single-origin beans, which is a fancy way of saying each type comes from a farm or a specific region of land that is highly sought after in the coffee world (for Forbes).

Speaking of tracking your beans’ journey from farm to morning cup, Sightglass Coffee Blueboon Blend is not only recommended for its unique honeysuckle and citrus flavors, but also for the company’s transparency.

While there are plenty of top coffee shops in the United States for you to enjoy a quick cup of coffee, drinking coffee at home is a special daily ritual for most, so choosing the right coffee is important. . Next time you go to Whole Foods to do your weekly shopping, opt for one of the finer, more transparent blends or the single-origin varieties: coffee may be tied to your livelihood, but it should also to have good taste.

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