YouTube could start selling individual streaming services

Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Roku already allow their users to subscribe to third-party streaming services using a single login. For example, Prime Video Channels lets you sign up for Paramount Plus using your Amazon account, which helps you leverage your Amazon billing information and allows you to watch your favorite shows using Prime Video. Now, something like this could happen on YouTube.

YouTube wants you to have all of our streaming services in one place

Now a new report from the wall street journal reports that YouTube is planning to launch a “channel store” that would have the same goal. The feature has been in development for 18 months and the launch is close to this fall.

The source also explained that YouTube’s Channel Store will allow users to choose their preferred streaming services through the YouTube app. For comparison, the YouTube TV service offers over 80 channels for $65 per month.

Either way, a YouTube channel store might prove more convenient than directly subscribing to a number of streaming services. The new approach would let you sign up and pay for various services through your Google account and reduce the need for separate payment credentials and streaming accounts, for that matter.

However, it’s also worth noting that YouTube might start charging money or taking a share of subscription revenue from reach through this channel store. So that’s definitely a concern that some people might have. Still, it sounds like an interesting initiative based on how it’s actually implemented.

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